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Themer is back, Flappy Bird is dead, Zomboboss returns, Chromecast mirroring

Google Play Weekly - In this week's episode we celebrate the return of Themer and Zomboboss, the death of Flappy Bird, and talk about mirroring Android to the Chromecast. Written Companion...

11 เด็ดๆ on Xperia ZL 5.0 lollipop CM12

Download link at below Xperia ZL 5.0.1 lolipop cm-12-20141215-UNOFFICIAL ---- google apps-lollipop-20141109-signed ---- Not working: - Cellular 3g 4g...

XPERIA theme PassionSEByCromwell is stylish

download -

Android Appaholics (Xperia Z Lock Screen)

The developer of the popular LG Optimus Lock Screen is continuing his theme of recreating famous lock screens! This time he's brought us the Xperia Z Lock Screen! APP ~

PS4 VEVO APP Preview FREE Drawn to Death BETA Code

PS4 VEVO Preview FREE Drawn to Death BETA Code Drawn to Death is a Free to Play game PS4 Release Date during E3 2016 Fingers crossed PlayStation News Daily with MonkeyFlop Check out my MERCH!!!...

Major Mayhem For Android Game Review

From AdultSwim comes Major Mayhem. This game is a ton of fun! LOTS of replayability, lots of missions, 4 game modes, tons of guns and the best part is, it's free! Play Store Link:

Android: How Google Conquered the Smartphone Industry

You can dive into the world of science and math by solving fun puzzles with; visit this link to get a free trial and -20% off your premium subscription:

The Chumdashification

How to install Chumby on a Dash. Get the goodness here:

How To Delete/Uninstall Apps On Your Sony Xperia Z - Phones 4u

If you want to know how to delete/uninstall apps on the Sony Xperia Z, we'll show you how in our handy tutorial. Watch the video to be guided through how to uninstall and delete unwanted apps...

Madara's sharingan locker theme android

Locker theme for fan of madara. available in google play. (android market)

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